DIY Centerpieces & Decorations

We’ve all seen the sad yet hilarious “Pinterest fails” posted online. But don’t let that discourage you! Many people think “do it yourself” projects are hard and time consuming, especially when it comes to weddings and wedding planning. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to work, eat, and sleep, never mind make 30 table centerpieces. Thankfully, there are so many foolproof ideas out there that make wedding “DIY” a little more manageable, and budget friendly!

Think about it, when you do it yourself, you can have your wedding centerpieces or decorations look exactly how you want them to- complete artistic control! Have a backyard filled with gorgeous blooming flowers? What about a basement of various glass jars and bowls? Log onto our Pinterest page and find DIY ideas to transform these household items into easy yet beautiful centerpieces and decorations that will wow your guests!

Everything from eye-catching backdrops, tiny votive candles, and personalized placeholders, our “DIY Centerpieces & Decorations” board on Pinterest has all the ideas and inspiration you need to make your wedding everything you want, because YOU do it!

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