Julie & Evan Rose

July 21, 2016

My bridal shower.
My bridal shower was beautiful in every aspect of the day. My mom hosted it at her house, which meant a lot to me because it’s nice to be making new and wonderful memories in her new house! My mom and my future mother-in-law, along with my sister, worked together creating every detail, which made the day so special. There were about 60 women in attendance, which made me feel so blessed to know they were there to celebrate our marriage and support Evan and me. Evan is the cook in the family, so he loved all of the new kitchenware! I was drooling over the fine china items for us to host holidays down the road! Evan came at the end with flowers. He even tried to match my dress, which I found so adorable, and another reminder why I am so lucky to have him and can’t wait to marry him. The sun was shining, my friends and family surrounded me and I was so appreciative of all of the effort put into making the day so wonderful.










Our final plans.
Our DJ, Jason Friese, is having us meet with him to go over all of the songs, suggestions and the flow of songs we want. We are really looking forward to that! We still have to meet with our photographer, Joseph Laurin, to review the plan for photos for the wedding day and for a timeline of the day. Lastly, we have to meet with Ochre Court and give them the final list of guests and work with the caterer so they know what to prepare.

Bridal party gifts.
Given my profession as a stylist, beauty is important piece to me, so I want my bridal party and family to feel their absolute best! My salon, FrankAntonio, will be doing all of the hair and make up for the day. I am so excited and feel so lucky to have them! For the rest of the gifts I chose things that helped create my vision of my bridesmaids for the day! I didn’t want to get them anything they wouldn’t use or wear again and I kept all of their styles and personalities in mind while selecting each gift. I would suggest local shops of the town you’ll be married in or places like etsy.com to make your gifts personalized and unique! Most of Evans groomsmen have all been in each other’s weddings, therefore had received so many of the popular gifts for men such as a flask or pocketknife. For this reason, we decided to pay for their tux rentals!

My bachelorette party.
I think I am still recovering from my bachelorette weekend to be honest! My sister planned it and she chose Block Island! I thought it was the perfect mix. I wanted a place that everyone could come and go if needed, was affordable, relaxing during the day and still fun at night! My sister planned the whole weekend from personalized wine tasting at the beautiful house we rented, the beach, going out, gourmet cooked meal at home and so much more. We laughed, cried, danced and for sure had lots of Rosé! I have six bridesmaids; all of them were able to attend. I also had five other friends who came over for parts of the weekend. June is a busy summer month so I was very appreciative of all those that made the trip to celebrate my last girls’ trip as a Kielbasa! My sister and best friends helped on everything from making survival kits, to decorations, meals, getting everything to BI and really making the weekend one I will not forget! The house was transformed into something out of a magazine; I was in awe of how it all came together. I am still so in shock about the special weekend, it is one I will never forget! Thanks to all those included who helped me “Kiss the miss goodbye!”










I do…almost!
Our wedding day is approaching quickly! There are so many little things and appointments that need to be made so it can be overwhelming. Evan helps to keep me grounded and is always laughing and calming me down. I love him for that and am so grateful for him. We couldn’t be more ready for our wedding day and can’t wait to finally say I DO!

What’s next?
Our wedding! Check out all the details and photos in the upcoming issue of Newport Wedding Magazine in October!

In love by the sea,


June 22, 2016

Choosing our transportation.
We want to make sure our guests do not have to worry about driving to and from each venue and ensure everyone’s safety! For our transportation we decided on a Mercedes bus limo, which will take us from our hotel to Ochre Court. With an August wedding, we are anticipating a hot day and wanted to make sure the transportation we chose had great air conditioning to keep everyone cool! For the after party, we have arranged for buses to take everyone to and from Newport Blues.

june 22-2

Choosing our cake.
Evan and I chose our cake together. The owner of Mad Hatter Bakery assured me the cupcake recipes were the same batter as the cakes, so I bought every kind of cupcake they had! Evan and I had a lot of fun doing our very own taste test at home! We finally decided on having a dessert table and our cake, a classic two-tier vanilla cake with buttercream frosting.

june 22

Choosing our wedding bands.
Evan custom designed my engagement ring, so we followed suit for our wedding bands. We designed them together in NYC and it was a fun and romantic experience.

june 22-3

Choosing the tuxes.
We are renting the wedding tuxes from Viking Tuxedo. The owner is a long time friend of my dad and the store had a wonderful selection. Evan and his groomsmen will be wearing a very dark navy tux and a navy bowtie.

Choosing the MOB dress.
My mom looked for the perfect dress when she was out shopping with some friends, but we ended up finding one together at Alexandra’s Bridal Boutique in Fall River. It also happens to be where I got my wedding dress! I wanted to make sure my mom was happy and comfortable but, at the same time, wanted to make sure it was classic and dressy. My mom is so important to me and has been such a huge part of the wedding that I wanted her to feel extra special and beautiful. It even has a train, adding elegance and importance, in my opinion, which I love! It makes the dress extra special, just like her! She looks absolutely gorgeous in it… the color and design will be a surprise for everyone!

What’s next?
I just had my bridal shower! Details coming soon. Now we are going around to meet with all of our vendors, pay remaining balances and buy the bridal party gifts! And I can’t forget my bachelorette party!

june 22-1

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May 18, 2016

Mailing our Save the Date cards
We decided to send the Save the Date cards out about 5 months prior to the wedding. It actually is a postcard with a photograph from our engagement shoot that we did with Joseph Laurin. Everyone has told me that they loved the photo we selected and the postcard, which made me happy!

may 18 diary2

Our wedding website
Our wedding website is through minted.com. The site is user friendly and helps me to keep organized and on track! It is also easy to navigate and an accessible place to store information for our guests. Check it out www.rosesarewed2016.minted.us

My advice
Evan and I followed the suggested templates on the website, which included suggestions to add information to make it easy for your guests such as hotel locations, room block accommodations, gift registry information and the addresses of where and when to be for the wedding. I also suggest adding the bridal party information. It is always interesting as a guest to see the bridal party and the story behind how each member is important to you.

Choosing the flower girl dress
Our flower girl is Evan’s niece, Hayley. (Ashley Long, Evan’s sister and also a bridesmaid, is Hayley’s mom.) Hayley is almost 4 years old and was born right around the time Evan and I started dating. She is such a sweet little girl, with the biggest heart and is so important to Evan and me. There was no question about whom we wanted as our flower girl!

Ashley, Hayley and I went dress shopping together. We went to Alexandra’s. Hayley tried on about seven dresses until we found the perfect one. It did not need altering or adjusting and was new on the floor; it was like it was made for her! I was happy that we got to share that special day together, it is a memory we will always have!

may 18 diary4

My advice
I prefer to go to the store and actually see the dresses, feel the fabric and see it on as opposed to online shopping. I wanted something Hayley would feel comfortable in but was also dressy! I wanted her to stand out, so I chose to put her in white, like me! All of the bridesmaids and groomsmen will be in navy, so I think that the white will look perfect and make her feel like a special part of the day. With that idea in mind, when we went shopping, we just grabbed the dresses that we liked and started trying them on. We did not discriminate; sometimes it’s the one that you do not like as much on the hanger looks the best! On the big day I will incorporate some small roses in her hair or maybe a flower crown, perfect for a 4 year old!

My bridal shower invitations
The bridal shower will be at my mom’s house in Portsmouth. Since my new last name will be Rose, my mom is going to incorporate that flower into the decor. The shower will be in June and I know it will be a wonderful day surrounded by all of my favorite people.  My mom is always the “hostess with the mostess!”

may 18 diary

What’s next?
Up next on the wedding docket is getting our wedding bands and finalizing the cake choice. We also have the tux fittings for the groomsmen, my hair and makeup trial and solidifying the wedding day transportation plan. It is all coming together and getting very exciting!

In love by the sea,


April 14, 2016

Choosing the bridesmaid dresses
Most of my bridal party was able to shop for dresses with me. For the color, I wanted navy, because I really like how it flatters different skin tones and hair colors. I didn’t want the dresse to look like standard bridesmaid dress and wanted it to REALLY be something they could re-wear as well as priced within everyone’s budget.

We went to Boston, a central location for everyone, to look for dresses where I had made appointments at two different places. Luckily, we only went to one store! We started at Flare on Newbury Street and found the winner. The dress we loved looked amazing on all of them! It was a really fun experience having us all together and much easier than I had expected. Since we finished so early, this meant we had time for brunch, so we headed to Stephanie’s on Newbury and made an afternoon out of it. It was such a great experience and I am so lucky to have such great girls by my side!

Bridesmaid Shoes
Since not everyone is comfortable in the same size heel or style shoe, I told the girls to wear any variation of a nude heel. I want them to be comfortable for a long night of dancing. They are all fashionable, so I am not worried about that!

My advice
Make sure you know everyone’s budget ahead of time and only have the associate who is helping you pull those options. You don’t want all the girls to try on and fall in love with a dress that is way out of anyone’s price range.

Choosing the flowers
Flowers are a huge part of the wedding and they truly make statement. I met with John Orton Flower and Events. He is a family friend and does absolutely amazing work. One of the many reasons we decided to use him was that he has done a lot of big events, specifically at Ochre Court, which is our venue. After looking at his portfolio and meeting with him, we knew he was the perfect guy for the job!

Visuals are helpful to keep yourself and your florist on the same page, so I created a Pinterest board and he was able to add to it. My new last name will be Rose, so I knew I wanted to incorporate that into my flowers. Taking our venue into consideration, with its ornate décor, I decided to have simple floral designs. I love the look of white and neutral flowers when paired together and thought they would complement the venue, overall wedding decor and style of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Of course, we had to make sacrifices to stay in budget, because it gets pricey quickly! For example, our florist suggested that we could save a lot of money by doing low arrangements for the table as opposed to my original idea of high ones. He was able to give Evan and me a look of elegance and timelessness that we wanted. Overall, I think our choices will pair very well with our venue and I cannot wait to see all of the flowers and the beauty they create on our special day!

Advice for choosing flowers
My advice would be to go to different florists with a vision to get a quote. Also look at their past work and make sure it pairs with your style.

What I learned about choosing flowers
Sometimes you want a certain flower but it is out of season, which apparently common problem! However, florists are very knowledgeable about finding great alternatives. I was shocked with how many flower types, colors and options are out there.


Pictured from left: Karly Mitchell, Ashley Long, Kaitlyn Rose, Katie Kielbasa, Me and Laura Greichen

What’s next?
The cake! We are going to do some tastings to help us choose. We also will send out our save the date cards, which is sort of important!

In love by the sea,


March 18, 2016

Choosing our Videographer
We decided to hire a videographer because we felt it was the best way to be able to look back and remember our wedding day and see every detail. Everyone always tells you, “The day flies by,” so I hope by having the video, Evan and I can remember how perfect the day was over and over again!

Due to being in the industry, I have worked with lots of different videographers. This allowed me a unique advantage of knowing the quality of their work along with how they go about capturing the footage. We hired Artistic Wedding Films. They are located locally in Newport and have won the “Best Of” for The Knot every year since 2010. When we met Mike, we knew right we wanted his team to capture our special day.

Our Advice
Watch other videos and see which style you like. Just like a photographer, it is important to love their work. Doing your research and also making sure you “click” with the team is important to a great video and day!

Choosing Our Menu
It was important to us to have some other opinions, so my mom, dad and sister came with Evan and me to the food tasting at Ochre Court. We were in the same room that we will be celebrating, which made it really special. They set the table exactly as they will on our wedding day, place settings and all! They presented the food in the order of appetizers followed by the three courses. We were very impressed!

There will be passed hors d’oeuvres at cocktail hour followed by a sit down dinner, but we decided on a dessert table so guests can help themselves at any time and have lots of options. We choose appetizers that will be easy for people to eat during cocktail hour and also took into account that it will be August and tried to pick refreshing yet satisfying choices. It made it so much more “real” seeing how the table would look on our big day and was really a special afternoon. Evan and I were happy we had family there to share it with us.

Our Advice
Don’t get too caught up in the name or ingredients and just try it. Evan and I did pre-select the menu items we wanted to taste; however, we went in with a very open mind.

3-18_diary      3-18_diary(2)

What’s Next?
Bridesmaids’ dresses & the florist.

In love by the sea,


February 18, 2016

Finding the Dress
I did not have much of a strategy for finding my dress other than knowing I wanted my mom and my sister to help me! I knew they would both be honest and it was important for me that they share this special moment. We made an appointment at Alexandra’s Bridal in Fall River and I went in very open minded, wanting to try on anything and everything! Working in the wedding profession gave me some ideas of what I thought I liked and I had looked at many wedding magazines, blogs and lots of Pinterest, but I was ready to try anything. I also knew to listen to the professionals; it is their job to know what will work with your personality and body type. Candice was my stylist there. Since my wedding is in August, I told her I wanted to not be too hot, comfortable, happy and feel confident! Overall, I tried on about 10 pieces until I found “the dress.” I fell in love with it immediately and just knew it was “the one.” When I walked out for the final look, both my mom and sister were crying, confirming that it was the perfect dress. It was a really amazing moment! Candice then poured us champagne and we toasted to “saying yes to the dress.” Afterwards, we went to the Boat House in Tiverton to celebrate with chatting, laughter and of course some champagne!

It is important to me to have it be a surprise for my future husband so I won’t give any details, but I truly think he is going to love it! I haven’t purchased my shoes yet. I just know I want something very simple and comfortable, so I can dance the night away! My dress has a lot of detail, so I think I will keep my jewelry simple.

My Advice
The most important advice is to pick a dress you feel the most yourself in. High-end photo shoots and vogue images are exactly that, so make sure not to get caught up in “trendy” and pick something that eludes your personality. It can be overwhelming due to there being so many styles, stores and options, so I would limit the people who come with you. My mom, who has been so amazing through the whole wedding process, bought my dress for me. Before we started looking at for dresses we informed Candice of our price range, so I was able to stay within my budget. Most importantly, listen to yourself. You will know when you find the one!

Guest Accommodations
I have always loved the Hyatt Regency Newport hotel in the summer, so it was an easy choice! They have a gorgeous spa view with a private outside deck overlooking the pool and bar. They also have fun activities for guests and great transportation options. I like that it is on Goat Island so it is very quiet and away from some of the downtown summertime tourist madness! We are also blocking off rooms at a few other hotels to give our guests options in location and price range. We reserved 20 rooms at the Hyatt and then 10 at each of the other hotels.


What’s Next?
We are attending the Newport Bridal Show. In addition, Evan and I will meet with our videographer for the final touches and sign the contract. We also have an upcoming meeting with the florist and some food tastings! It all seems to be coming together and Evan and I are beyond excited!

In love by the sea,


January 14, 2016

Our Engagement Party
My mom and dad hosted our engagement party on December 12, 2015 at the Newport Yacht Club. We thought it was the prefect spot to host all of our friends and family with a hometown feel. Private Dining and Floral Designing by Peter Quarry in Newport catered the food for the evening, including a pasta station, clam chowder, shrimp towers and lots of passed hors d’oeuvres. It was open bar all night and everyone seemed to have fun and still have time to tell me how great the party was! We both had such an amazing night and were blessed beyond belief to have such amazing people celebrating with us during the holiday season!


Our Engagement Party Theme
We did a “Baby it’s Cold Outside” theme with a focus on love, of course. My family and bridal party were a very big help setting everything up, including birch tree candles, evergreens, gorgeous centerpieces and lots of candlelight to create a romantic feel. The cake was made by Fatulli’s Gourmet Bakery and Deli in Middletown and matched the décor with a very rustic winter chic feel. All of the details were so perfect!


The Evening’s Highlights
Karly, one of my bridesmaids, put together a photo booth with fun props. It was a hit!! People really had a great time with it taking funny photos. Another special touch was a slideshow my sister, Katie, put together that contained photos of Evan and me from when we were babies and up until present day. Lastly, we had an amazing guitarist, Betsy Listenfelt, who took requests and played amazing songs. The whole evening was filled with fun that really made the night our perfect version of how to celebrate our engagement.

diary_jan14_2 diary_jan14_7 diary_jan14_8

diary_jan14_10 diary_jan14_11 diary_jan14

Our Holidays
Holidays are always special because both Evan and I cherish our families and time spent with them. This year, as an engaged couple, we decided to enjoy all the family festivities together and with Evan by my side, it was truly the best! With two local families, I know that holidays will always be hectic. We will just make it work and try to not gain 20 pounds after all our stops!

In the Works
We will use one of the gorgeous engagement pictures we took for the Save the Date card and our wedding website on Minted.com. I have not made a final decision on the design, but I plan to go simple and elegant. My sister Katie, my maid of honor, is tech savvy and has helped me immensely getting it all up and going! My plan is to get the Save the Date announcement out within the next month or so.

What’s Next?
The outfits! I’m excited to start looking for my dress and picking out bridesmaids dresses! We are also in the final stages of committing to our florist and videographer! Busy busy busy… stay tuned!

In love by the sea,


December 10, 2015

Choosing Our Photographer
Anyone who knows me well knows that photos, especially those perfectly captured moments, are so important to me, because they are something we will hold onto to remember our special day. Although Evan and I have made the majority of our decisions together, this was the one thing that I chose alone. I already knew exactly who I wanted—Joe Laurin. Through my job at Frank Antonio Hair and Makeup, I work with many photographers and have learned that while their portfolio is important, so is the couple’s connection with them. From the minute I met him, I knew he was the best of both worlds. He is so talented and his personality is a perfect fit for Evan and me. Joe makes me feel like I’m the only bride in the world!

Taking Our Engagement Photos
It’s always a little awkward in the beginning being photographed; however, Joe made us feel so comfortable that we let loose and had fun! We wanted to capture the true feelings and passion of our relationship and Joe more than exceed our expectations. He chose the location and we did a mix of backgrounds and poses. I wanted the photo to be semi-formal (without looking like a holiday card) and I think our outfits really capture our personalities individually and also as a couple, which was my goal all along! Evan was a little thrown off by the thought of taking pictures for three hours, but then we got there and it went by so quickly and he had a blast! The shoot was in November, so once we defrosted Evan cooked me one of my favorite meals. It was a perfect day!

Choosing Our Music
Music is to Evan as the photographer is to me! We feel that music is a crucial part of all weddings…and can make or break it… along with an open bar! We decided to go with a DJ, because most of the bands we looked into were out of our price range and were not able to play any on-the-spot requests. We didn’t feel it was practical for us. After seeing him in action at two other weddings, we chose Jason Friese, whose company is Signature Sounds DJ. He does a fabulous job of keeping everyone, young and old, happy and, more importantly, on the dance floor!

Choosing Our First Dance Song
We picked our song but it’s a secret! Ever since I was a little girl, I knew what my wedding song would be. I went to my aunt’s wedding years ago and it was her song. I made my mom buy the CD and we would slow dance to it in our kitchen. I always told her that it would be my wedding song one day and that has never changed.

2                                                                       36


5                                       7

What’s Next?
Our Engagement Party!

In love by the sea,


November 12, 2015

Choosing Our Bridal Party
I’ve always imagined my bridal party as being made up of family and close friends who have become family over the years. My sister, Katie, is my maid of honor. Evan’s sisters, Ashley and Kaitlyn, my cousins, Laura and Tara and my very close childhood friend Karly are my bridesmaids. Evan’s best friend Eric is his best man. The groomsmen include his friend Johnny, his brother-in-law Tommy, his cousin Andrew and his sister’s fiancé Tristan.

Our Bridal Party Proposal
I wanted to ask them in a fun unique way, because it was so important to me that they are part of my special day! I gave each of them a present with a balloon inside that was filled with confetti. The balloons had a string at the bottom with a pin and note that said, “Pop Me!” Inside was a message from me that read, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Between the pops and the laughter, they all said, “Yes!” Then it was time to ask the guys! We “proposed” to them with cigars and personalized cards. Everyone said “yes” and we are both beyond grateful to have such amazing men and women to stand by our side!


Our Ring Bearers and Flower Girl
Last but not least, are our ring bearers and special flower girl, Evan’s niece and nephew Hayley and Jackson. I wanted to ask them in a way that was fun and exciting for them. We had a flower crown made for Hayley to wear after we read a poem that was printed on a sparkly princess dress card. She was so excited and cute about it and she loved her crown! What princess wouldn’t?
We presented Jackson with a custom printed tuxedo card and to our delight he said, “Yes!” Both of the kids’ parents, Ashley and Tommy Long, are in our bridal party, so we are honored to have the whole family with us on our wedding day. Keeping the family top priority, we also asked my cousin Meg’s two little boys to join the group. Between the three of them, they’ll be sure to get the job done!

Our Style
Since I work in the bridal industry, I have taken many mental notes over the years, which has made the process of choosing things a bit easier. I usually have a vision or something in mind, but Evan always adds his input and moral support. It is so exciting to look for inspiration from bridal magazines and websites, including The Knot, Pinterest, and, of course, Newport Wedding Magazine! I am most drawn to a very simple, timeless and classic look. Evan and I are taking a simple approach to picking things out as well. We plan to just go with what we like the most. The rest will fall into a “style” that’s all our own. Evan has come with me to all the appointments thus far and has been so wonderful. He is right by my side every step of the way! We are a good team!

How We Chose Our Venue
We booked the venue first so we would have a solid date. Evan graduated from Salve, so it made it easy for us to choose Ochre Court. It is a venue that only alumni can book, so we decided to take advantage of that. As a bonus, Ochre Court met our all the points on our checklist—especially an option if it rains, which is important to think about. With my head spinning with excitment, my mom came with us and was so helpful because she could ask all the important questions we might’ve missed. Ochre Court is magical and speaks for itself and I can’t wait to marry my prince in the castle! We gave a sigh of relief once we booked our venue, because we had both the place and the date set in stone. Now I am on a mission to get each big vendor booked as soon as possible so we can just enjoy being engaged.


What’s Next?

We choose our photographer!

In love by the sea,


October 8, 2015

Who We Are
We currently live in Portsmouth, where we both grew up, and just recently purchased our first home. It is a dream come true for both of us to own a house in our hometown. I am a hair stylist and makeup artist at Frank Antonio Salon and Evan is a branch officer at the BankNewport in Middletown. Our dog Brody, a golden retriever we got together as a puppy, makes our house a home! We spend a lot of our free time together walking him in Newport at the beach or at Fort Adams.


How We Met
I can’t remember exactly when Evan and I “met” because he grew up down the hill from me, literally one thousand yards away. Since we grew up very close to each other, we always knew of one another and each other’s family. We even rode in the neighborhood bike parades and events as children. I recently dug up a picture of us together at a neighborhood block party from when he was five and I was two. Fast forward twenty years and the boy from down the hill asked me out on a date. It became very clear that the boy next door makes for the most perfect boyfriend and soul mate.


Where I Said, “Yes!”
After three years of loving and laughing and falling for my best friend, Evan took me on a picnic on a Sunday afternoon at my favorite spot at Fort Adams. When we went on a walk, he got down on one knee and proposed! I was so surprised and said yes instantly! The excitement and love did not stop there. When we came back to our picnic, all of our family was there, including Brody! The day was truly magical and even more perfect than I ever imagined. I remember just being so overwhelmed with love being surrounded by all of our family. We took lots of pictures, shared lots of hugs, tears, and smiles and then all went to dinner at the Mooring with two families that would now be one.

IMG_9582                       IMG_9903

In love by the sea,

P.S. Stay tuned for regular updates!