Flower Power

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Sure, centerpieces are nice. But for the ultimate floral statement, think outside the vase.

Cherryhill Flowers. Maaike Bernstrom Photography

Go Green

When it comes to wedding florals, a lot of couples are skipping the flowers and going with greenery instead. But just as there’s an art to arranging flowers, it takes skill to make greens look good. “I like to use different colors and textures,” says Susan Falso of Cherryhill Flowers in Johnston, who recommends using at least three different greens in any arrangement, and incorporating berries and plants like dusty miller for contrast. The results can be lush and luxurious. But don’t expect to save a lot of money: greens are just as costly as flowers.  

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Melissa Robotti Photography

This Takes the Cake

Keep your geode and marbleized cakes. What’s more romantic than a cascading trail of pink and peach posies, as in this creation from Confectionery Designs?

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Photo by Erin McGinn. Flowers by Stoneblossom

Wall Flower

A wall of greenery and blooms by Stoneblossom celebrates the union of Christopher Keiper and Morgan McLean, and provides a verdant backdrop for wedding photos. 

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Photo by Snap Weddings. Flowers by Stoneblossom

A Towering Achievement

No centerpieces blocking conversation at this Atlantic Resort wedding, thanks to the buoyant white blossoms set atop towering glass columns.

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Tiffany Axtmann Photography

Peace Offering

A single olive branch adorns each place setting at Jaimie Orrico and Bryan Farris’ wedding.

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Photo by Erin McGinn. Flowers by Stoneblossom

The Runner Tumbles

When is a centerpiece not a centerpiece? When it’s a continuous blooming chain that bisects the table and spills down either end, as in this example from Stoneblossom.

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