Finishing Touches

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It’s the decorative flourishes that make a wedding distinctive.


Brianna Wilbur Photography

Take a Load Off

PEAK Event Services assembled a stylish lounge seating area for Lindsay Deutschmann and Kyle O’Leary’s Rosecliff wedding. Custom pillows bear the couple’s monogram.

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Jamie Corbman Photography

Remember When?

Table numbers at Molly Hintz and Brian Urbach’s wedding were accompanied by childhood photos of them at that particular age.

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Photo by Erin McGinn

This is In Tents

For a Castle Hill wedding, the tent was draped in a nautical navy-and-white stripe and illuminated with crystal chandeliers, for an anything-but-ordinary look.

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Anne Lee Photography

Pearls of Wisdom

Oyster shells inscribed with names and table numbers make a nicely nautical escort card. For easy reference, arrange them alphabetically. 

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Melissa Stimpson Photography

A Glazed Look

Blue and white pottery makes a handsome mix-and-match centerpiece. Inexpensive versions can be found at places like T.J. Maxx or HomeGoods.

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Brianna Wilbur Photography

Trivial Pursuit

Make paper napkins cool by imprinting them with fun facts about the couple’s relationship.


♥  By Fred Albert / Newport Wedding 2021  ♥ 

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