I Love You, ____.

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EduBirdie is an online business that specializes in writing essays for college students. Now they’re branching out, offering to write wedding vows for tongue-tied brides and grooms. 

For around $18, their EduBridie division (note the subtle transposition of letters) will produce a speech for the bride, groom, maid of honor or best man that promises to “make wedding guests cry, laugh and gasp” and turn you into a YouTube sensation.

While we’ve sat through a lot of wedding toasts that could have benefited from a ghostwriter, the wedding officiants we talked to were less enthusiastic about having an outsider write your vows. All of them offered the same advice: “Just speak from your heart, and you’ll do fine.”

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For more information, visit edubirdie.com/edubridie.   

By Fred Albert | Published in Newport Wedding magazine 2020

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