Bridesmaid 101

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Bridesmaid 101

Being a bridesmaid is an honor, but you’re there for a reason: She trusts you, and needs your help. As a member of the bridal party, there are many ways for you to support the bride and help with the preparation. There will be a lot of fun and memories made, but first… you have a job to do.

Support the Bride
Planning a wedding is stressful, and it’s important to help the bride stay focused and calm through all the decisions leading up to her big day. Anything you can do to help your friend move through her checklist is crucial! Newport bride Emily Slater (Real Wedding)  says, “whether it was checking in on me, helping to keep me organized, or simply reminding me to make sure I didn’t sweat the small stuff and have fun,” her bridesmaids played a vital role in the process.

Offer Your Skills
Everybody has their own strengths, and this is the perfect chance to use yours. If you have a green thumb, help the bride choose a florist and offer ideas about table centerpiece flowers or bouquet styles. If you’re a foodie or are familiar with the area, suggest venues or caterers. If you’re a fashionista, help the bride find her dream dress, accessories, and the perfect bridesmaids outfits. If you’re good with children, brainstorm ideas to keep them entertained during or contribute to the ceremony and reception. Find your niche, be the expert, and share your expertise.

Host the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party
Organizing the bridal shower and bachelorette party gives the bride a chance to slow down, relax and have a good time with her loved ones. It’s her first chance to move past the craziness and really enjoy celebrating with you. Communicate with her and find out what she wants to do, whether it’s a low-key night out or a girls weekend at the beach. If she enjoys surprises, wait until she arrives to the bachelorette party to give her all the details! “My bridesmaids did everything to make sure that my bachelorette and bridal shower were perfect, I really appreciated that,” says Lindsy Kelley (Real Wedding).

Bring Snacks
This may sound silly at an event where the couple spent time and money finding the right food, but sometimes they are too busy to eat. When you meet the bride before the ceremony, bring along her favorite snacks. If the photography session takes place outside, bring water bottles to keep everybody hydrated. During the reception, save a plate of food for the newlyweds so they can eat sometime in between all the greetings and dancing. You may even have to pull them aside to make sure they actually enjoy the food they labored over choosing.

Be a Problem Solver
Last-minute flare-ups can be a challenge at any event, but they are especially stressful for a bride who is looking forward to the biggest day of her life. Newport bride Brittany French says her bridesmaids “just knew what I needed and made it happen.” Be ready to step in and find a quick solution if somebody gets a headache and needs medicine, the weather forecast isn’t looking good, or a dress strap needs repair. Anticipate the problem and try to solve it before the bride notices — ideally, she will never even know it happened!

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