Something Old Made New

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Originally published in the 2018 Newport Wedding Magazine.

Windslow Light Wedding by Joseph Laurin

Photo by Joseph Laurin

A traditional bride carries something old to represent the lasting continuity of love and family. This may include a favorite aunt’s pearls, a grandmother’s locket incorporated in the flowers or a father’s beloved Bible carried with her down the isle. “For my wedding, I made a brooch bouquet,” says Jenna Teachout, Newport Historical Society’s Brick Market Museum and Shop manager. “I had women from both sides donate them as a symbol of our unity. It’s now an heirloom.” Teachout explains that it’s important to preserve familial artifacts, so if you display old family photos consider having them reproduced instead of using the originals.

You can follow this advice as well with a precious heirloom. “For the store, we took a piece of china from our Malbone estate collection and had an image of it reproduced into place mats and coasters,” she says. “We can do the same for brides who want to commemorate their mother’s china. They can be used at the reception and as a take away for guests.” Other ideas for reproducible treasures include images of a grandfather’s watch turned into cufflinks or vintage love letters printed on hankies. Your guests’ tears of joy will appreciate it!

Written by Tracie Seed

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