Signs of the Time

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Hand-lettered signs offer not only whimsical directions for your guests but also a reflection of your theme and personality. They can be a DIY project for a crafty bride, or, better yet, leave it up to the professionals to ensure a stylish message. “There is a big move in graphics and stationary for handwritten pieces of all kinds,” says 25-year veteran calligrapher Sharon Morgera of Newport. “In the midst of our digital society, people are really fascinated by handwork and hand lettering is a really hot trend.” Signs can range in size from small place cards and signature drink labels to a large reception welcome greeting or seating chart. While chalkboards are still on the list of top sign styles, Morgera says that she has seen a shift towards using unconventional elements for signage. “Vintage mirrors and antique windows are very popular. I use a waterproof material for the lettering that can be removed after the event,” says Morgera. “Couples are also using items, such as shells, river rocks, leaves and agate slices as escort cards.”-Tracie Seed

Originally posted in Newport Wedding Magazine 2018.

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