Moveable Feast

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Throw caution, and forks, to the wind

By Rachael Thatcher

Whether it’s bite-size, on a stick, or out of a truck, moving with your food is all the rage this wedding season. Easy to grab eats keep guests up and mingling, and for couples on a budget it can be cost effective. One of Aquidneck Island’s favorite food trucks, Flat Waves, is thriving in the wedding scene, and has had more inquiries this year than ever before. Owner, Will Burgess, suggests the signature Kalua Pork, which is seasoned, wrapped in banana leaves and smoked for 13 hours. It’s a hit at weddings, and can be served right out of the truck. Burgess says, “Our menu and our style are without the frills, so we can offer incredible food at a lower cost.”

The takeaway? When in doubt, make it portable. Caterers throughout Rhode Island are adding more of these beach-casual, economical, yet trendy options to their menus. Blackstone Caterers in Middletown has maximized on the mobile fare movement with their food truck, A Fork in The Road. Not only does it maintain a full catering business, but offers it all with the novelty of a food truck on site. When it comes to dessert, Tricycle Ice Cream takes the cake, or lack thereof. “Food trucks and portable carts are more interactive and personal. Usually, there’s a staff working at these stations that know about the menu, can explain what’s in the food and how it was prepared,” explains Giovanni Salvador, of Tricycle Ice Cream. “With a growing consumer base that’s more food-conscious and more curious about where the food comes from, these interpersonal exchanges are really important.”

If you’re considering taking advantage of the trend sans truck, look no further. Caterers are accustomed to leaving forks and knives behind. Grilled cheese and tomato soup, a comfort food staple, can be transformed into a chic, transportable hors d’oeuvres. With a shotglass of soup and a small cutout of crispy sandwich on top, your guests will be dazzled with cuteness and convenience. For a New England touch, small-handled mugs for clam chowder and mini-sized lobster rolls can add a seaside flair – in lieu of a traditional cake slice, cake pops, donuts, and cupcakes make it easy to eat.

Side Bubble: Before you park your food truck in Newport County, make sure you have the correct permits from the city/town clerk.

Originally published in Newport Wedding Magazine 2018.

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