The Cocktail Hour

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You’ve exchanged vows, placed rings on fingers, and sealed the deal with a kiss. It’s time to celebrate! The cocktail hour sets the tone for the reception, and is an opportune time for those who want to take photos. So what mood are you going for? Casual says barbeque-style food, drinks flowing, and games, while champagne and cocktail shrimp cast a classier shadow.

This hour or so is a vital part of the day in transitioning your guests. Consider it a sneak preview of the impending party. There are a few key elements to putting together the perfect cocktail hour, catered to your style, personality and the needs of your guests.

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What’s a cocktail hour without some quality cocktails? This is where libations should make their big introduction. It’s become nearly traditional at this point to have signature drinks, whether it be a “his and hers” or some sort of themed fusion. Commonly, cocktail vendors like Cocktail Guru or Little Bitte Artisanal Cocktails will make batches of said drinks to allow for quick and consistent service, and in turn, happy guests. They offer a variety of fresh, unique “insta-worthy” drinks and will coordinate with couples to personalize them.

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Hors D’oeuvres

A reception is only as good as the food, so there’s no room to slack when it comes to hors d’oeuvres. The caterers in Newport County are top notch, there’s no denying that. Consider a unique option like Blackstone’s chicken curry bite for adventurous eaters and tomato soup with mini grilled cheese for the rest.  It’s important to have a variety. Whether it’s a crowd pleaser, like bacon wrapped scallops from Russell Morin, or something with a more punchy flavor like ginger cilantro salmon cakes with mango chutney from Glorious Affairs, you’ll want guests to walk away saying “wow!”

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While you’re posing for photos, your guests will be killing time, eating, drinking, and…. what else? It’s important to avoid any lulls in the celebration, and keep the mood energetic for as long as possible. Consider a photo booth or DJ services from Luke Renchan Entertainment  to keep guests engaged and on their feet. Entertainment Specialists is also versed in the language of party, with their piano players showcasing a distinct vibe, there’s something for everyone in their book of services.

Check out our cocktail hour pinterest board for more ideas!

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