Marissa and Kyle: March Diary Entry

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Follow the adventures of our Diary of a Newport Wedding, featuring an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into all of the coordination, planning, and excitement leading up to Marissa Giammarco and Kyle Sawaia’s big day!
Bridal Shower Weekend
I can’t remember the last time I beautified myself as much as I did the day before my bridal shower. Friday consisted of a full set of nails and pedicure, followed by an amazing hair appointment and ended with a golden spray tan. That night I was restless and didn’t get much sleep due to the exciting thoughts going through my head about the shower.

Saturday morning came and the beautification process continued with getting my makeup done. I’m a professional makeup artist, so beautifying other people is what I do for a living. However, when it comes to important life events, sometimes you just need the pampering for yourself. After I was done, I got Chloe party-ready, jumped into my dress, tousled my hair and ran out the door.


We arrived at Cafe Nuovo in Providence at 11am and the guests were due to arrive at 11:30am. The minute I entered the room I felt surrounded by pure beauty and elegance. My mother and sister did a phenomenal job of decorating while keeping it simple and tasteful, much like what I’m going for at our wedding. Speaking of tasteful, the gourmet brunch was outstanding. There was everything from french toast and eggs to salmon and pastas. My maid of honor and sister took over with having everyone play the “what’s in your purse” game. My mother in law-to-be won by a landslide!

The afternoon continued with opening gifts and a decadent dessert buffet. Of course, Kyle fulfilled his duties and showed up to help transport all the decorations and gifts back home. I’m so grateful to all my amazing friends and family that came to celebrate my day. I was truly showered like a princess.
The day after the shower, Chloe turned 8 years old. We had a movie party for her at the Showcase Cinemas. It ended up being a wild weekend full of gifts and celebrations.
Life in Newport
Newport is becoming a second home for me. I had the opportunity this past month to work on the movie, Anastasia, which was filmed in Rosecliff mansion. It was a chance to experience a fairytale come to life and it felt symbolic of my wedding journey. As I drove down Bellevue Avenue in the morning all I could think about was my upcoming nuptials, primarily about how close they are and the fact that I’m getting married exactly where I always dreamed.
First Dress Fitting
I trusted my alterations with Sewing Creations by Rose in East Greenwich. Rose has a beautiful space to work with and she was delightful. She told me she has yet to see someone in my Hayley Paige gown and that it’s truly one of a kind. That meant a lot to me coming from someone who sees her fair share of dresses. She had me wear my wedding shoes while she cut the length of the dress and soon after, I could practically run in it.
Next up…
Rose will be taking my dress in a bit. I can’t wait to see how it looks at my next fitting in April. My mother and sister will accompany me and they’ll get fitted for their dresses, too!

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