Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Invitations, Pt. 2

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There’s still questions to be answered, so Newport Wedding Magazine is back again this week with ‘Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Invitations, Pt. 2.’ Last week in part 1, we covered the logistics with the help of Papers, Harbor Stationery and Champagne & Ink. Now it’s time to get into the fun parts.

Champagne & Ink, Molly Lo Photography

The Proof is in the Paper

There is a surprising variety of different paper types that can make up your suite, otherwise known as the “full package” of your invitation (including your save the date, invitation and any other cards or pieces involved). From a clean, fresh look on cotton paper to vellum, a sheer frosted paper layered on top of an opaque piece, there’s options to achieve any paper weight or look. Even the printing techniques are varied, including letterpress which actually indents the paper it is printed on. Embossing and engraving are similar techniques that press the paper in the opposite direction, creating a raised look, and of course there is digital printing, typically the most cost effective and fastest. You might also skip the printing step and use a calligrapher instead for a handwritten style. 

“We truly believe that your wedding stationery is a reflection of you as well as that first impression for your guests of what your day will be like. You do not want to be inviting 200 guests to a black tie ocean-side soiree with a flimsy postcard. Also, it serves as a family keepsake to be included with your photo album and other wedding day heirlooms,” say McCarthy and Kelly at Champagne & Ink.

Champagne & Ink, Molly Lo Photography

“Crane’s paper is 100% cotton and feels luxurious to the touch. This is the biggest day of your life and that invitation should be spectacular. Start with the best paper you can afford and then choose printing processes and styles,” says Judy Carroll, owner of Papers in Newport

Rachel Armentano, owner of Harbor Stationery says, “Letterpress and metallic foil press make for a large price increase. If you are on a strict budget don’t tempt yourself with it. There are a lot of other ways to make your invitation suite special!”

Courtesy of Harbor Stationery

Invitations for the Modern World

Even if your wedding theme is traditional, there are still plenty of 2018 updates and trends you can incorporate into your invitation suite. Typically couples today will create their own wedding website in order to house all of the wedding day details, directions, hotel information, registry and more. You can simply include your link in the invitations, avoiding an overload of information in print.

“For 2018 weddings we are seeing a lot of textures and a wide range of colors. Brides are moving away from the blush, white and gold/champagne themes we have been seeing in years past and they are opting for more bold, contemporary color palettes and textures. Oversized invitations, wax seals, and rose gold foil are also favorites for a lot of our clients this year,” say McCarthy and Kelly.

“Our 2018 brides are customizing their wedding invitations with their own submitted art work. For example, personal logos and monogram can enhance a wedding invitation and change the overall expression to a very personal feeling,” says Carroll, “Since we are usually incorporating a rehearsal dinner, welcome party, wedding, reception and brunch and possible accommodations and transportation, we have been including a Details Card or Weekend Wedding Events card. The wedding website would be included on this card.”

Courtesy of Papers

Armentano says, “I recommend that my clients include the wedding website on the invitation, especially if they want guests to refer to it for important information. It may be on your Save the Date but the more times you can direct your guests to the website the better.” She also says couples today are choosing, “contemporary botanical motifs like inky drawings, silhouettes, or watercolor paintings of flowers, eucalyptus greens, and tropical or desert plants as well as location inspiration like a landscape painting of a vineyard, a drawing of the barn, nautical details for a yacht club or beach wedding.”

Courtesy of Harbor Stationery

Yours Truly

Just like the rest of your special day, it’s natural to want your invitations to personally reflect you and yours. But with such a small canvas, how is this possible? Each business we spoke with had varying and equally helpful tips and suggestions for today’s trends and customized elements:

“These can range from how the suite is printed and what it is printed on, how it is closed: wax seals, ribbons or other unique materials, incorporating custom illustrations or artwork as part of your suite or as an envelope liner, using vintage or custom postage. We think the more personalized the suite is to the couple the better, so consider writing a brief ‘how you met’ story for the back of your card, or include creative wording that sounds true to how you and your fiance talk to your friends and family,” say McCarthy and Kelly.

Courtesy of Papers

For a bit of pizazz Carroll says, “The traditional wedding invitation is still the most popular but we are doing a very elaborate gated invitation with sparkled lace on the gates, too.”

Armentano had this suggestion, “It’s important to consider how all of the invitation pieces look on their own as well as when they are stacked together. Your guests’ first glance will be when they open up the beautiful little package and see it as a whole before they look more closely at the invitation.” Here are a few ways Armentano suggests to add some personalized packaging details:

  1. Use a colorful envelope or envelope liner to add a pop of color.
  2. Have a calligrapher address the envelopes.
  3. Wrap the invitation suite with a paper ‘belly band’ or ribbon.
  4. Include a monogrammed detail.

Courtesy of Harbor Stationery

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