7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress

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Picture this: it’s the most important day of your life, you’re surrounded by your closest family and friends and you’re about to be married to the love of your life. There are a million details to decide and questions to answer, but most importantly- what are you wearing? Fatima Rodrigues of Alexandra’s Boutique, ranked among the most popular boutiques in the Northeast, gave Newport Wedding Magazine some insider tips on how to choose your wedding dress.

1. Don’t bring everyone
 With multiple opinions floating around it makes deciding on a dress significantly more hectic. “We recommend not bringing too large of an entourage,” Rodrigues says,” you would want to bring about two or three people.” Having a crowd can sometimes confuse and sway the bride from what she really wants.

2. Have an open mind
If you’re not finding the right fit, try on more styles. “Be open-minded and don’t be afraid if you don’t find your wedding dress on your first try,” Fatima says. You may not realize what might be absolutely stunning on your figure! Mix that with a bit of luck and the journey to find your dress won’t be as treacherous as it seems.

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3. Name your price
There’s nothing worse than having your heart set on a dress that will break the bank. Rodrigues says, “Look at styles prior to the appointment to get an idea of things you like and establish a price point so that the consultant is provided with a better direction.” Make sure you know how much you are willing to spend and make it clear.

4. Dress first, accessories second
Although you might be drawn to veils and jewelry, if you can’t find your dress right away, steer clear of purchasing the accessories too early on. “You want to make sure the accessories match the style of the dress,” Rodrigues explains. With that said, if there are specific pieces of jewelry or accessories you must have, such as an heirloom, be certain to keep them in mind when selecting your dress.

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5. Wear comfortable shoes
Although Alexandra’s doesn’t carry shoes, they did recommend breaking them in ahead of time. If you’re going to go with an extravagant shoe without much support, be prepared with back-up flats or a sturdier heel or wedge.

6. Less can be more
This year, brides are exploring new styles. While the classics remain timeless, Rodrigues explains, “We are also getting brides who prefer the simple, clean, sheath crepe styles. ” The popularity of this look is growing rapidly with more casual or bohemian options, leaving the fluff in the past. 

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7. Pin, Pin, Pin
As if you needed another excuse to pin, it’s actually quite helpful for the consultants! “In this day and age, Pinterest has been a huge inspiration for brides. Once in a while, a bride will not know what she is looking for and may ask the stylist for guidance in the search for their perfect wedding dress,” says Rodrigues.

When push comes to shove, finding your wedding dress is something that should come naturally and intuitively. We’d like to make the stressful process a bit easier with a word from the experts. Rodrigues says it best, “Bridal shopping is a memory you want to cherish, and we as consultants want to create that memory with you. Enjoy it and don’t overthink it.”

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