Something Borrowed & Blue: Accessories to Complete Your Wedding Day Look

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Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue! Traditional and modern brides alike are certain to adorn their wedding day ensemble with each of these key components. In the hub bub of menu planning, decorating, and honeymoon coordinating, these seemingly small accessories can fall through the cracks. We’ve made it easy for you, sharing combinations that can tie these essential bridal elements together. Here’s how to wear it all for your Newport, Rhode Island wedding!

blue rings

Something New & Blue

While you may feel that something blue contrasting with your white dress may be over the top, there are subtle and classy ways to bring in this pop of color. Ray Grenon of Grenon’s of Newport weighed in on the tradition in 2017. “Blue sapphires are popular for weddings, whether it be for stud earrings or a sapphire bracelet to add a touch of color.”

Bold brides are putting blue right in their rings and accessories with blue topaz, lapis lazuli, and tanzanite. If you already have jewelry in mind, you can make your blue mark with a pair of new shoes, or even your undergarments! Or if blue simply isn’t for you, put it on your man! Who says you can’t be hand in hand with your something new and blue? Blue suits are in right now, according to Grenon, and they perfectly complement Newport’s nautical vibe.

blue suit

Something Borrowed & Old

Now perhaps you want something old and sentimental.  Re-purpose or refinish a piece of jewelry that belonged to a family member to create a custom heirloom. Grenon explains,  “We frequently have people come in with their grandmother’s ring or some other piece of great sentimental value. We can do something as simple as making the ring look like new or if the bride wants a more updated look, make a whole new piece of jewelry using the stones. That way you have the sentimental value of the old stones but the practicality and durability of a new piece of jewelry.”

blue plates

Newport Wedding Magazine is here to help. In Rhode Island, we know weddings, and we’re here to make it as easy as possible while also fulfilling your big day dreams in the Ocean State.

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