10 Unique Ways To Propose To Your Bridesmaids

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Who says the groom gets to ask all the questions? Once he gets down on one knee, it’s your turn! To propose to your bridesmaids, that is. Bridesmaid proposals are a popular and growing trend for brides lately, giving the opportunity to both show your appreciation for your closest ladies as well as an excuse to get cute and creative! It seems like social media has been spilling over with all of the little gift boxes and cupcakes that convince your besties to say yes. If you’re looking for something you haven’t seen before, we’ve pulled together Newport Wedding Magazine’s favorite bridesmaid proposals here:

  1. Take a SHOT at being my bridesmaid! For the girls who love to party, this is the way to do it! Customized shot glasses can be used at the event and displayed as a fun keepsake. Package the shot glass with a bottle of your favorite liquor for the full effect and let the good times roll. shot
  2. I can’t tie the knot without you! Jewelry with a knot is an adorable way to ask your girlfriends to stand by you on the big day. Scour local shops with different handmade, unique pieces you can purchase as a set, similar to the photos below. The jewelry can be worn to the bachelorette or even to the wedding to pull in another coordinating piece, yet it’s subtle and classy enough to wear beyond your wedding. Consider using clever gift boxes or bags, such as the ones shown below, to customize this gift even more.
    knot bracelet
  3. It’s all in the packaging. Create your own or look online for curated boxes with questions inside! A balloon is a low cost, interactive way to make this moment pop out from the crowd. Use your wedding palette as inspiration for the font and colors to personalize it even further.
  4. Wine and champagne bottles can be transformed! These are ideal for planning a normal girls night that’s instantly twisted into an engagement celebration where you’ll bring the bubbly. When your posse arrives, pull out these glimmering bottles and watch your ladies light up! Create your own labels or allow Newport Vineyards to do so for you!
    glitter bottle
  5. Say it with food! Puns are a plenty when it comes to donuts, and any treat is a surefire way to ensure you get a, “yes!” Because after all, the wedding diet starts next Monday. Ma’s Donuts can supply the treats, and consider stopping by Papers in Newport for adorable cards to include in your tasty package.
  6. A robe or button down shirt is a functional gift to give that’s also useful on your big day. They can be worn during the hair and makeup process, and they make for adorable pre-wedding photos!
    bridesmaid robes
  7. Engagement or big day fall around the holidays? What better way to commemorate the moment than by something you can hang right on the tree? Your ladies will love these cute ornaments. To make it even more personal, do it yourself with glitter glue and blank bulbs. For a Fall twist, Styled By Jenna swaps the ornament for small pumpkins with handwritten messages.
  8. Make it official when you welcome your girl gang to the ‘I do crew’. This fun phrase is printed on nearly anything, from banners to bracelets. Even if you want to place some sentimental items in a bag or with a label, you’ll be certain to find exactly what you’re looking for imprinted with this slogan or your own.
  9. As craft brews become more popular, more and more people are collecting coozies. Use these to add to or start a new collection as a keepsake, and if nothing else they’re a functional gift with years of drinking potential ahead.
    bridesmaids coozies
  10. “Life would succ without you!” Use a tiny plant and printable flag to metaphorically get down on one knee for your girlfriends. Succulents are popular in interior design and are easy for non-green thumb gals to care for. Chaves’ Gardens carries a variety of succulents at its Middletown greenhouse.


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