The Spectacular Sunset Shot

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On this longest day of the year, enjoy the summer solstice at an Insta-worthy sunset shoot with your beloved. There are an array of special sunset spots around the coast of Newport that make a stunning place to capture your special moment forever.  Make sure you have a plan and spots chosen in advance, like the Top 5 here. Work with your photographer so you’ll be sailing smooth on your wedding night.


  1. Brenton Point State Park on the southwestern tip of Newport makes it a no-brainer for an amazing sunset view. Its wide-open fields and rugged shoreline offer a variety of different background options, and you get bonus points if you hit the annual Kite Festival held on the second week of July- it would surely give a little lift to your photos!
rocky sunset at brenton point state park

Brenton Point State Park- @hilarybphotography

  1. The Castle Hill Lighthouse boasts stunning sunsets and a piece of history. The short trail through a public right-of-way will get you to the stunning cliff, and although the lighthouse itself isn’t open to the public, the grassy areas and rocks around it are just waiting to wow.
lighthouse sunset at castle hill

The Castle Hill Lighthouse- @joseph_laurin

  1. Beavertail State Park on the southern tip of Jamestown looks out to the ocean with Narragansett on your right and Newport on your left. Especially convenient for Jamestown weddings, the main road makes it easily accessible. The park is also home to the third lighthouse ever built in America, as well as a rugged and rocky shoreline to complement the sunset views.
seaside sunset in jamestown

Beavertail State Park- @kearies

  1. Sachuest Beach, or Second Beach as the locals call it, offers waves, dunes, fields of beach grass, and a mile of soft sand to soak up the sunset lighting. A popular and bustling beach during the day, Sachuest Beach is a good alternative if you prefer a sandy beach rather than a rocky one. The neighboring Norman Bird Sanctuary or the Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge could be good locations as well if you are looking for a woodsy feel.
sandy sunset at second beach

Second Beach- @erinmcginn

  1. Bowen’s Wharf is the perfect place to capture the busier side of Newport, with lots of different shot ideas to play around with. This spot is always humming with people enjoying the shops, restaurants and ambience of downtown, especially in the summer months. At Bowen’s Wharf, the brick streets are your runway, the sailboats are the spectators, and the buildings are your beautiful background.
nautical sunset at bowens wharf

Bowen’s Wharf- @nicolepphoto

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