A to-be Bride’s note to Self . . .

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“I vow to take care of me, so that I may take care of you . . .”

As odd as these words may seem, this by far is the truest advice anyone can give to a to-be-bride.

The pendulum of our experiences is fascinating. Like the rhythmic pattern of the pull of tides, if we throw ourselves so deeply into something, eventually we will be pulled hard in the other direction. This is the nature of the universe and life constantly challenges us with finding balance, as is the case in marriage.

It is critical to maintain a sense of oneself.  The 80 – 20 rule is a prime example of how this is done by preserving 20% of your time, passion, energy for your personal fulfillment and identity.

In these times of social media obsession which leads to comparison (the robber of joy) and an infatuation with everything external, there is a beautiful polarity in the movement unfolding all around us, where we are forced to gaze inwards to Self.

It is much more enjoyable to reflect inwardly when we know who we are and where we wish to go.

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