Wedding Dress Codes

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What to wear to a “Farm House Chic” wedding?  Here is your go-to guide for deciphering wedding dress codes.

Cocktail Attire implies a milder form of formal where most anything is appropriate from an edgy dress to jumpsuit.

Black Tie is actually the most simple one–it calls for a floor-length gown and that’s about it.

White Tie is the most formal of all. Think debutante ball and other high society events. Ball gowns, white gloves, headpieces and jewels are welcomed.

Black Tie Optional can be tricky. It is basically a festive cocktail hour, so go for a more formal dress but not over the top.

Beach Chic / Coastal Casual is common throughout Newport County. Wear something that is preppy and floral or breezy and striped but never ever sequin or black. Always go brighter.

Farm House Chic / Bohemian Black Tie is basically a landlocked version of coastal chic. Wear vintage lace, neutral tones splashed with a little gypsy hipster and you’ve go it nailed.

For more inspiration check out our Pinterest page –> Wedding Dress Codes



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