January 12, 2017

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January 12, 2017

The wedding planning is coming along though we have not been able to make too much progress on the invitations as we are waiting for official word that King Park is reserved for us. Reserving the park goes before City Council so fingers crossed xx

We were at the Marriott last Friday for our Menu Tasting which was incredible. My brother, Ryan, joined us as were allowed to bring guests and we thought his advice on the menu decision would be helpful. The food was delicious!!

The Marriott’s ballroom was a “hard hat” construction zone this visit, however we did get to see the vision board of the design. It looks beautiful! The ballroom is scheduled to be done by January 26th; we will be making another trip to Newport to see the final product!!

Our wedding will be a formal plated dinner and we chose stuffed chicken, salmon, and vegetarian dishes. We are also really excited about the bacon wrapped scallops and lobster salad that will be passed around during cocktail hour. YUM!

Pending the approval of the City of Newport, we just booked out transportation for guests to and from King Park and also will be booking the transportation for the wedding party this week!

Even though it is said to be good luck to have rain on your wedding day, our back up plan for the ceremony is a really good plan B, the Atrium of the Marriott is lovely. The weather on April 22nd 2016 was 75 degrees and sunny so were hoping that will be our good luck for this year (instead of rain)! Another consideration being outdoors and because my hair is long, I plan to wear my hair up to avoid it blowing in my face during the ceremony 😉

Love is in the air,


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