Wedding Hacks

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Everyone loves a good trick, hack or tip, right? We sure do, especially when they help  your wedding day plans go smoothly! We did some research and found a few you can try to take some of the stress and worry out of your special day.

Hack 1For the Bride: Can’t find a free bridesmaid to drag to the bathroom with you to hold up your wedding dress? No problem! Take a trash bag or large plastic bag (clean of course!) and poke a hole in the end. When you need to use the rest room, put your legs through the hole in the bag and use the bag to catch your dress and hold it up!

Hack 2For the Bridesmaids: Does the forecast call for a slight breeze? No worries! Before the wedding, take a small weight and sew it to the bottom of the bridesmaids dresses to keep them from blowing up.

Hack 3For the Groom: DON’T STUFF YOUR POCKETS. When all the eyes and cameras are on you make sure you don’t have your house keys, wallet, cellphone or anything else sticking out of your pocket. Bring only the necessities, and during ceremony and photos, divvy up your belongings to your groomsmen to hold.

Hack 4For the Bride and Groom: Nervous, sweaty, bloated hands? Before walking down the aisle, put on a little hand lotion so the rings will slide on nice and easily.

For more tricks, tips and hacks, check out our Pinterest board, Wedding Hacks.


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