Three Ways to Give Your Groom a Say

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By Julianna Oates; The Newport Bride

We’ve all seen a picture of a toddler flopping around the house in borrowed heels, a makeshift veil and a huge collection of necklaces. I, like many, was one of these cuties and began dreaming about my wedding at a very young age. Over the years, I decided a lot of details from the style of the bridesmaid dresses to the flowers in my bouquet. But when it came time for my “real wedding,” I made the mistake of not asking my fiancé if he wanted to have any input and made most of the big decisions without him. When we had to reevaluate some choices, I realized he had AMAZING ideas! The wedding planning process would have been less stressful and even more fun if I had just made planning a team effort. So, put down your bridal checklist and ask your fiancé what he imagines your big day to look like. You just might be surprised by what he comes up with!

Invite your fiancé to join the fun. Involve your fiancé by taking him along to appointments, asking his opinion on color choices or which flowers to put in the centerpieces. Use a common interest for your wedding theme or combine your favorite colors into the perfect palette.

Ask him for help. Planning a wedding can be stressful even for the most organized bride. Don’t be afraid to ask your fiancé for help! If you need to find a trolley, ask him to look up local companies. Need a cute nautical favor? Ask him to scour local stores and the Internet for options. And as for the boutonnières, encourage him to design them with the florist for the ultimate personal touch.

Give your groom some room to shine. Many times, wedding are so focused on the bride that the groom becomes a second thought. In Southern tradition, the bride surprises her groom a special cake at the reception to showcase his talents, interests or hobbies. This is a great way to honor your new husband and a fun way to show him how much you love him.

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