A Bride’s Guide to a Stress Free Wedding

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A Bride’s Guide to a Stress Free Wedding:

We’ve all seen it–the bride in tears on her big day because everything seems to be going amuck. Put away those tissues. Here are a few tips to help ensure that your wedding day is full of nothing but sunshine and roses.

1. A list is always your friend. Writing everything down will keep you organized, sane and always a useful memory kick, especially when you just can’t remember when your flowers are supposed to arrive. We suggest using a Bridal Binder to keep all your notes, receipts and other wedding day documentations in order.
2. Delegate a responsible onsite contact person (who isn’t you)—your maid of honor, second cousin, brother or favorite aunt will fit the bill. Help keep guests on their toes by providing a wedding itinerary that lists all the events, including time, location and dress attire.
3. Remember: this is the day you get to marry the love of your life, so keep things in perspective. No matter how crazy the day may be, at the end of it all it will just be the two of you. It’s all that truly matters.

For more ideas and inspiration check out our Pinterest board “Wedding Organization.”


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