March 18, 2016

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March 18, 2016

Choosing our Videographer
We decided to hire a videographer because we felt it was the best way to be able to look back and remember our wedding day and see every detail. Everyone always tells you, “The day flies by,” so I hope by having the video, Evan and I can remember how perfect the day was over and over again!

Due to being in the industry, I have worked with lots of different videographers. This allowed me a unique advantage of knowing the quality of their work along with how they go about capturing the footage. We hired Artistic Wedding Films. They are located locally in Newport and have won the “Best Of” for The Knot every year since 2010. When we met Mike, we knew right we wanted his team to capture our special day.

Our Advice
Watch other videos and see which style you like. Just like a photographer, it is important to love their work. Doing your research and also making sure you “click” with the team is important to a great video and day!

Choosing Our Menu
It was important to us to have some other opinions, so my mom, dad and sister came with Evan and me to the food tasting at Ochre Court. We were in the same room that we will be celebrating, which made it really special. They set the table exactly as they will on our wedding day, place settings and all! They presented the food in the order of appetizers followed by the three courses. We were very impressed!

There will be passed hors d’oeuvres at cocktail hour followed by a sit down dinner, but we decided on a dessert table so guests can help themselves at any time and have lots of options. We choose appetizers that will be easy for people to eat during cocktail hour and also took into account that it will be August and tried to pick refreshing yet satisfying choices. It made it so much more “real” seeing how the table would look on our big day and was really a special afternoon. Evan and I were happy we had family there to share it with us.

Our Advice
Don’t get too caught up in the name or ingredients and just try it. Evan and I did pre-select the menu items we wanted to taste; however, we went in with a very open mind.

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What’s Next?
Bridesmaids’ dresses & the florist.

In love by the sea,

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