Marissa Giammarco & Kyle Sawaia

Follow the adventures of our Diary of a Newport Wedding, featuring an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into all of the coordination, planning, and excitement leading up to Marissa Giammarco and Kyle Sawaia’s big day!

October 2017

Who we are and how we met

My fiancé, Kyle, and I met in 2007, when we were both performing in Providence bands. My pop/rock band was looking for a new drummer, and one of my bandmates suggested Kyle because his drumming skills were very impressive. Kyle decided to join our band and that was it. We fell in love with each other’s creativity and passion for the arts.

In 2010 Chloe Grace Sawaia was born and our beautiful daughter became our number one priority and the light of our life. Since then, I put down the microphone, picked up a makeup brush, and I became a certified makeup artist for M.A.C. Cosmetics. During my time there I’ve had the opportunity to work on numerous major motion pictures that filmed in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Being a computer science major, Kyle works as a senior programmer for a mental health facility, still plays drums in many bands, and most recently started his own custom music company called Flexotracks, creating music for television and film.

I believe our creativity truly brought us together. We’re parents, business associates and most of all best friends that can’t wait to be husband and wife.

Where I said, “yes!” 

Christmas Eve has been my favorite day of the year ever since I can remember. I usually never do, but this particular Christmas Eve, I had to work right up until the festivities began. Anxiously driving home that evening, I had to pick up pies and wrap my head around getting myself and our six-year-old daughter “Christmas party” ready within an hour. As I stumbled up the steps with my pies, Kyle said, “Come and see the tree; Chloe made you a special ornament.” I walked over to the tree in a hurry and started looking around in almost a frustrated way….IMG_2633

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November 2017

Choosing our venue

From the moment I stepped foot in Belle Mer I knew it was where I was meant to get married. A venue by the ocean is so serene and comforting and Bell Mer’s clean look is the perfect blank slate for our personal touches. As for the date, we agreed upon May 12, 2018. May in Newport is ideal because it’s not too hot, not too cold, the flowers are starting to bloom and spirits are starting to lift after the long winter months.



Picking our theme

The theme of our wedding is ethereal beauty. I want to capture and enhance the essence of Belle Mer’s clean, white venue by adding soft splashes of color. Our main goal is to keep it both modern and classy.

Bridal Party

Kyle and I thought long and hard about our wedding party. Ultimately, we decided to ask the two most important people in our lives to be the maid of honor and best man, my sister, Gabriella and his brother, Garrett. The “proposal” was simple, small and meaningful; no big frills or presentations! Our daughter, Chloe, will of course be our flower girl. I’ve always dreamed of the day we could wear matching dresses! Gabriella and Garrett are actually Chloe’s godparents, so the party really couldn’t fit together more perfectly.


Picking a photographer

For us, picking a photographer was a simple task. We knew right off the bat Mel Colvin was the way to go considering she shot many of our friends weddings and we have always been impressed by her beautiful work. She did a stunning job with our engagement photos and I’m looking forward to meeting with her to come up with ideas for our big day!

Mel Colvin Photography

What’s next?

Dress shopping! I am obsessed with the designer, Hayley Paige. I follow her on every social media site known to man. Her styles are both unique and modern. I don’t consider myself to be super traditional, so I feel like one of her dresses are meant for me. I can’t wait to find it!



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