February 18, 2016

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February 18, 2016

Finding the Dress
I did not have much of a strategy for finding my dress other than knowing I wanted my mom and my sister to help me! I knew they would both be honest and it was important for me that they share this special moment. We made an appointment at Alexandra’s Bridal in Fall River and I went in very open minded, wanting to try on anything and everything! Working in the wedding profession gave me some ideas of what I thought I liked and I had looked at many wedding magazines, blogs and lots of Pinterest, but I was ready to try anything. I also knew to listen to the professionals; it is their job to know what will work with your personality and body type. Candice was my stylist there. Since my wedding is in August, I told her I wanted to not be too hot, comfortable, happy and feel confident! Overall, I tried on about 10 pieces until I found “the dress.” I fell in love with it immediately and just knew it was “the one.” When I walked out for the final look, both my mom and sister were crying, confirming that it was the perfect dress. It was a really amazing moment! Candice then poured us champagne and we toasted to “saying yes to the dress.” Afterwards, we went to the Boat House in Tiverton to celebrate with chatting, laughter and of course some champagne!

It is important to me to have it be a surprise for my future husband so I won’t give any details, but I truly think he is going to love it! I haven’t purchased my shoes yet. I just know I want something very simple and comfortable, so I can dance the night away! My dress has a lot of detail, so I think I will keep my jewelry simple.

My Advice
The most important advice is to pick a dress you feel the most yourself in. High-end photo shoots and vogue images are exactly that, so make sure not to get caught up in “trendy” and pick something that eludes your personality. It can be overwhelming due to there being so many styles, stores and options, so I would limit the people who come with you. My mom, who has been so amazing through the whole wedding process, bought my dress for me. Before we started looking at for dresses we informed Candice of our price range, so I was able to stay within my budget. Most importantly, listen to yourself. You will know when you find the one!

Guest Accommodations
I have always loved the Hyatt Regency Newport hotel in the summer, so it was an easy choice! They have a gorgeous spa view with a private outside deck overlooking the pool and bar. They also have fun activities for guests and great transportation options. I like that it is on Goat Island so it is very quiet and away from some of the downtown summertime tourist madness! We are also blocking off rooms at a few other hotels to give our guests options in location and price range. We reserved 20 rooms at the Hyatt and then 10 at each of the other hotels.


What’s Next?
We are attending the Newport Bridal Show. In addition, Evan and I will meet with our videographer for the final touches and sign the contract. We also have an upcoming meeting with the florist and some food tastings! It all seems to be coming together and Evan and I are beyond excited!

In love by the sea,

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