Whimsical Winter Bouquets

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There is no better way to spice up your wedding than by  having the perfect flower arrangement. The winter season gives you the opportunity to step outside the box and create the perfect non-traditional bouquet. A hearty green bouquet will complement any wedding, especially in the wintertime. Using pine, cedar and rosemary accents will add the perfect pop of color and flowers like winter cotton and snapdragons can add height and depth to your arrangement. Also, using fun foods such as mint, basil and sage is never a bad idea either; we love the idea of a floral arrangement that smells good too! Pine cones, nuts and berries make perfect accent points on your bouquet. Use acrylic paint and glitter to change their color or add sparkle to match your winter wedding color scheme. Finally, add the right finishing touch to your bouquet by opting for velvet, fur or burlap instead of traditional floral tape. This is where you can add some personality to your wedding. So if you are feeling creative, don’t be afraid to use some unique greenery, burlap, and of course sparkle to take your winter bouquet to the next whimsical level!

Check out our Pinterest for some more Winter Bouquets inspiration!

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